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6IX for Robot Signature Analysis (RSA)

SMS’s 6IX for RSA is an advanced vibration monitoring solution for industrial robots. 6IX for RSA utilizes an industry-proven method for monitoring reducer joint and servo motor health on robots, ensuring accurate and predictive notifications of impending functional failures. With advanced alerting up to several months before failure, 6IX for RSA ensures opportunities for advanced planning and scheduling of maintenance and repairs, ultimately reducing safety risks and unnecessary rework on assets. 6IX for RSA drives a proactive approach to asset management, focusing on production uptime instead of reactive maintenance and repairs.


Self-Monitoring of System Health 

Gateways, sensors, and connectivity status. 

Facility Specific Dashboard Views 

Plant, Cell, Station, Robot, etc. 

Investigate Robotics Anomalies 

Streamline troubleshooting processes, reduce downtime associated with robot touch-up teaching during production, and enable efficient management of critical spare parts inventory.

Grease Sample Data Integration

By integrating grease sample data into the system, the facility can further enhance its proactive approach to asset management.

Work Order Notification Integration

Work order notification integration ensures that industrial robots equipped with 6IX for RSA produce accurate and predictive notifications of potential functional failures, allowing for advanced planning and reducing safety risks and unnecessary asset rework.

Increased Operational Visibility

SMS's 6IX for RSA elevates operational visibility by providing continuous data collection and real-time analysis of critical robot components' health. 

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SMS's 6IX for RSA is a subscription-based condition monitoring solution for

industrial robots. 

Wireless vibration sensors are installed on critical reducer joint locations, providing 24/7 data collection, monitoring and analysis. 

24/7 data analysis, anomaly detection, alerts and notifications with maintenance recommendations are presented in SMS's 6IX user interface.


Reduced troubleshooting time need to determine failures.

Early grease replenishment to extend reducer join lifespan.

Reduce downtime related to robot touch-up teaching.

Optimization & management of spare parts inventory.


6IX for RSA Datasheet

6IX for RSA Video 

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