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Optimizing your C-Store infrastructure to improve operations, enhance customer experience and reduce operating costs through market leading EAM capabilities.

C-Stores use 3x the energy per square foot of in store operating costs. This rise in energy costs, increase in consumer expectations, and operational risks has created the crucial need for an efficient and cost effective system for your operations.

SMS & IBM Maximo reduces client total operating cost by up to 20% by improving asset performance, lowering maintenance costs, and enhancing reliability with predictive maintenance.

From refrigerators to EV charging stations, coffee machines to gas pumps – you rely on an increasingly complex mesh of assets to deliver customers the services and experience that will keep them coming back.

IBM and SMS Inc recently published a brief perspective on why it is critical for C-Stores to manage this infrastructure efficiently. And, how by doing so you can:

  • Reduce total operating cost by up to 20%
  • Improve maintenance productivity by up to 10%
  • Mitigate operational risks such as downtime and compliance
  • Offers shoppers a safe, comfortable and reliable store experience

Independent analyst firm IDC rates IBM as a global leader in Enterprise Asset Management. We’ve distilled that expertise and experience into a brief perspective, “Optimizing Store Infrastructure Management to Improve Customer Experience & Reduce Operating Cost”.