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Case Studies 

a power plant

SMS increased plant efficiency for a Power Generation client, while at the same time increasing program effectiveness.

microscope for life sciences

SMS streamlined the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) validation effort by performing a risk analysis in accordance with GAMP 5 to reduce validation testing.

looking at dashboards and data at a job site

SMS implemented Maximo 7.1 for a manufacturing client* to unify different systems, streamline maintenance, and leverage company-wide purchasing.

the pennsylvania state capitol building

The goal of this Capitol Complex Sterilization Initiative was to safely reopen the PA state capitol. Traditional cleaning companies replaced harsh cleaning chemicals with a non-harmful and more effective cleaning solution.


Large autoclaves are used in aerospace and defense industries, during the Texas Deep Freeze SMS and Splunk were able to keep the facility operational despite the temperature adversely affecting the cooling system of 2 large autoclaves. 

industrial manufacturing and monitoring equipment

Industrial Manufacturing Monitoring & Analytics 

Provide real-time visibility into production processes, enabling manufacturers to identify and address issues in real time, optimize performance, and improve efficiency and productivity

Improve the reliability and reduce downtime of your aircraft with our advanced maintenance solutions. Our team of experts uses the latest technologies and techniques to optimize the performance of your aircraft, ensuring optimal operation and minimal disruptions.  

Enterprise Condition Monitoring for LMCO F-35 & Sikorsky Helicopter 

Take your asset management to the next level with Enterprise Condition Monitoring! This powerful tool provides real-time monitoring and analytics of your equipment, allowing you to proactively identify and address potential issues before they become costly failures. 

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