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Edge Hub

The Splunk Edge Hub comes equipped with built-in sensors, revolutionizing the way you handle IoT and sensor-based data for enhanced infrastructure monitoring. The Splunk Edge Hub simplifies data ingestion, ensuring a seamless process for collecting and collating information from its array of sensors. With the capability to stream this data into your Splunk platform or SMS 6IX Solutions in near-real time, you gain the power to proactively monitor sensor and environmental data, enabling swift remedial action to avoid potential outages. 

Empowering Data-Driven Operations

Complete Sensor Coverage

Splunk Edge Hub comes equipped with a wide array of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light, sound, and more. It provides real-time monitoring for a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Easy Data Access

Overcome data barriers with Edge Hub, making previously inaccessible sensor-based information available in real-time. This extends the capabilities of your Splunk platform, filling in data gaps seamlessly.

Versatile for Any Industry

Designed for all industries, Edge Hub detects subtle environmental changes like vibrations and shocks. It helps you manage uptime, reduce outages, and implement smart solutions like predictive maintenance.

Adaptable Sensor Platform

Edge Hub isn't just a device; it's a flexible platform. Easily add third-party sensors like cameras to expand monitoring capabilities, keeping you ahead in sensor technology.

Powerful End-to-End Monitoring

Combine Edge Hub's sensor data with IT Ops and Security data. Use Splunk's powerful tools for searching, correlating, and visualizing data to achieve unmatched end-to-end monitoring.

Trusted Splunk Partnership

As a certified Splunk Reseller and Professional Services partner, we're proud to offer Splunk's expertise. Join us in maximizing your data's value for improved operational efficiency and security.

Mobile and Device Management

Human Machine Interface

Why Splunk Edge Hub

Real-Time Data Streaming

Efficiently ingest and oversee data in nearly real-time within your Splunk platform.

Predictive Maintenance Insights

Empowers you to identify subtle alterations in your surroundings, facilitating proactive maintenance.

Data Accessibility Revolution

The Edge Hub simplifies the acquisition and processing of previously challenging-to-retrieve data, overcoming proprietary protocol barriers.

Real-time data monitoring mitigates the risk of costly outages and interruptions to your maintenance plan.

End-to-End Visibility:

Attain comprehensive data visibility by leveraging the correlation and visualization capabilities inherent in your Splunk platform for end-to-end monitoring

Extensive Sensor Integration

Achieve complete data extensibility, enabling the integration of third-party sensors to enhance your monitoring capabilities.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Harness native protocol support for the development of industry-specific solutions.

Actionable Vulnerability Recommendations

Receive actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities pinpointed by the platform.


Real Time Monitoring

Versatility Across Industries

Agile Sensor Platform

End-to-End Data Insight

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Available Solutions

Smart Industrial Transformation

SMS 6IX and EAM Apps

6IX by SMS leverages six critical pieces of functionality allowing clients to start on their digital transformation journey.

Edge gateways and sensors

Edge Gateways and Sensors

SMS provides a variety of Gateways and Sensors that are used to securely monitor and transmit data from equipment to the cloud.

Maximo Application Suite Dashboard

IBM's Maximo Application Suite

SMS is an IBM Platinum Partner for deploying IBM's MAS Solution for Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability.

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