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Help Desk

SMS provides help desk services via our eVailable solution platform. This platform offers our clients a 24/7 support team of certified analysts and experts to go beyond the traditional “break/fix” call service.

SMS Help Desk

​The eVailable Help Desk is a must-have for any new or existing Maximo user and is compatible with MAS 8.  All customer calls/email requests are stored in a database and answered according to the urgency of the customer’s needs. This creates confidence among customers that all their requests are logged and properly answered. Our eVailable Help Desk staff handle request in a structured manner that can be counted on each time. Currently, SMS provides support for more than 1000 users where we offer our extensive and industry leading Maximo expertise, experience, and knowledge in the implementation of EAM and ERP systems. 


In-depth Maximo knowledge base for all versions (4-7) and industries

US-based Maximo certified analysts, DBAs, and infrastructure experts available 24x7

Remote support for experience, savings, scalability, and dedicated expertise

Multiple tailored Maximo support services 

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IBM Maximo Support Services

System Administrator Services

Support for elements such as application security, management of process queues, and management of the physical database.

Advanced Application Support

Support of Maximo Calibration, Maximo Workflow, and Maximo Mobility Support.

Interface Management Services

Monitoring of interface and batch transfers including B2B and ERP integration.

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