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Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) implemented Maximo 7.1 for a manufacturing client* to unify different systems, streamline maintenance, and leverage company-wide purchasing.

A manufacturing client of SMS operates multiple plants across North America. Each plant used their own separate enterprise asset management (EAM) system that had its own unique implementation and version. In order to run more efficiently and effectively, the client needed to update their EAM product and at the same time, combine and harmonize the separate existing systems into a single web organized system. The objectives for the SMS team were to:

  • Create a single EAM platform to support multiple plants and corporate structure
  • Unify data to support common KPIs
  • Leverage corporate-wide buying and inventory
  • Provide plants with a toolset for managing business:
    • Maintenance process excellence – 7,000 Job Plans, 11,000 PMs
    • Asset reliability – 57,000 assets
    • Inventory – 38,000 items, 37,000 inventory
    • Procurement – 151,000 historical POs

Solution: SMS provided the client with a World Class EAM implementation based upon the IBM Maximo 7.1 application platform. Like other implementations of this type, it was designed to provide a cost effective, scalable solution to meet current EAM demands. SMS created a system to facilitate growth as other plants were incorporated into the Maximo 7.1 multi-site structure. Program elements included:

  • System and deployment strategy for Maximo multi-site setup
  • Cross-application analysis and standardization of existing data
  • Application installation and configuration of Maximo to meet business requirements
  • Data migration to move and transform data into a new, single database
  • Report strategy and development to achieve meaningful business reports
  • Purchasing system integration to minimize redundant record entry and management
  • Custom Maximo application development to replace external process
  • Go-live support to help stabilize sites as they were brought on

Results: The implementation was designed to roll-out sequentially across six plants in the United States, allowing each plant to be supported and stabilized before additional plants were integrated into the new system. SMS helped their manufacturing client achieve the following results:

  • Common set of values allowing application-wide reporting
  • Ability to assess availability and share inventory across plants
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Two-way integration with external purchasing system
  • Customized authorization for expenditure application within Maximo 7.1


*SMS is committed to the security and privacy of our clients.