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Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) planned, organized and executed a client* request to provide day-to-day operational support for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System, improve system knowledge of users and improve data quality required to meet the client’s maintenance business objectives.

Situation: A Global Oil and Gas client* decided to reorganize and improve the management of maintenance business processes and day to day delivery, with a focus on specific improvement areas: Asset Management, Failure Reporting, Preventive Maintenance and Work Order Processing. The environment prior to the improvement effort was diverse, had variable data quality and lacked data and usage standards.  Basic training and communication was minimal. The following describes the environment.

  • Multiple field and plant facilities within the organization
    • Approximately 90,000 square miles of oil and gas territory and assets
    • 50 System Support Technicians at 45 separate production facilities often doing disparate activities
    • Client managed
    • System Locations records– 118,500. System Asset records – 219,000
    • Approximately 10,500 non PM work orders per month
    • Preventive Maintenance and Job Plan records – approximately 55,000
    • Approximately 25,000 PM work orders (multiple PM’s for a single asset, routes for multiple assets)
    • Key Performance Indicator goals (KPI’s)
  • Maintenance Process Execution
  • Knowledge of Maintenance business objectives by system users
    • Minimal awareness of company maintenance business objectives
    • Minimal awareness or trained in EAM system functionality

Solution:  Organize the support structure to execute and measure client objectives by delivering business awareness training that underscores the importance of the client’s maintenance priorities and business information with an emphasis on how to perform EAM system activities.

  • Define, develop and deliver resources to execute
  • Define priorities and communicate in an easy to understand manner
  • Train client resources on standard processes and common methods in the use of the EAM system

Results: In three months after the request, SMS developed and delivered training for all stakeholders. We deployed a support organization to support day-to-day maintenance process execution exhibiting a clear professional presence that remains.

SMS delivered the following in the first three months and continues to improve as needed.

  • Trained at 97% of client sites, training end users on standard requirements to meet client KPI’s (key performance indicators)
  • Developed and implemented data / process standards
  • Supported KPI’s by insuring critical information was accurate in the system and running specific reports to measure progress
  • Improved Preventive Maintenance compliance by 12%
  • Significantly improved data quality
  • Improved overall acceptance of the EAM system optimizing the investment
  • Developed a clear professional presence as being expert training and technical resources at client facilities in order to maintain continuous improvement availability


*SMS is committed to the security and privacy of our clients.