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Strategic Maintenance Solutions (SMS) increased plant efficiency for a Power Generation client, while at the same time increasing program effectiveness.

Situation: SMS’ client,* a power generator and marketer, owns and operates several power generating assets in the northeastern United States. Like most power producing organizations, this client generates revenue when units are online or available. SMS helped increase plant efficiency and uptime for their clients’ plants, while at the same time increasing company wide information exchange and maintenance communication. The objectives of the SMS-led initiative were:

  • Create a single EAM platform to support multiple plants and corporate structure
  • Provide plants with a toolset for managing
    • Maintenance process excellence
    • Asset reliability
    • Inventory
    • Procurement
    • Support corporate process standardization

Solution: SMS provided their Power Generation client with a World Class EAM implementation based upon the IBM Maximo application platform. The implementation was designed to provide a cost effective, scalable solution that could meet the current EAM demands as well as future expansion into the power producing market. Program elements included:

  • EAM strategy
  • Application installation & configuration
  • EAM workflow
  • Enterprise systems integration

Results: The implementation was designed to roll-out across all of the clients’ plant assets in the United States. SMS achieved the following results:

  • 90% increase in overall application effectiveness
  • 60% efficiency increase in plant/corporate procurement processing
  • Unified workflows for maintenance and purchasing
  • Complete enterprise systems integration


*SMS is committed to the security and privacy of our clients.