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6IX for Smart Agriculture

SMS offers a platform to maintain and manage your irrigation needs.  Our machine learning platform helps to develop an effective irrigation schedule, optimize water and fertilizer distribution, predict production, and create alerts. Using sensors, we can monitor yield health as well as best predict irrigation needs. Our Smart Agriculture Solution has enabled farmers to automate their irrigation systems and monitor asset health and field conditions in near real-time from any location.


Real-Time Yield Prediction

Create and update yield forecast to meet production needs. ​

Plant Health Monitoring

Monitor soil moisture, temperate, water uptake, and growth using sensor data.  

Soil Moisture Monitoring

We install multi-level wireless soil sensors to measure moisture levels.  

Monitor field conditions and automate systems with sensors and advanced analytics.

Monitor water pressure and flow in fields with the installation of sensors.

Monitor sensor data from your smartphone in real time. 

Irrigation equipment automation.


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