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Shipping Containers

Smart Ports

The supply chain crisis is impacting billions of dollars in GDP and driving record inflation. Ports are seeing record traffic and are a major bottleneck in the supply chain crisis. Splunk and Scalers AI solutions, combined with SMS's proven Predictive Maintenance, Asset Optimization, and IoT services deliver a powerful AI-based Smart Port Solution. 

Use Cases

Container Monitoring

Track container locations and reduce dwell and cycle times. Detect and prevent theft, tampering, and damage. Monitor cold chain with temperature and humidity for sensitive cargo.

Crane Monitoring

Monitor crane operations from fuel consumption to critical operating components with predictive maintenance.

Safety Monitoring

Ensure it is safe to operate equipment through virtual boundaries and video.

Vehicle Monitoring

Track vehicle locations and cycle times. Improve route efficiency and monitor vehicles for safety and maintenance.

Security Monitoring

Physical and cyber security monitoring of ports. Monitor incoming and outgoing personnel and vehicle traffic as well as cyber threats on critical network infrastructure.

Weather Monitoring

Augment all aspects of Smart Port Monitoring with weather data to understand and plan for its impact on port operations.

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Improved efficiency - port logistics and inventory

Increased productivity through reduced dwell and cycle times

Exceed environmental commitments / requirements

Improved asset reliability and uptime

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