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Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) delivers application help desk services via our eVailable solution platform. Since introducing eVailable to our EAM clients in 2005, it has been our mission to go beyond the traditional “break/fix” call service by providing change management and training services.   

An in-depth knowledge base has been developed for all versions of Maximo (4 to 7), in maintenance and procurement, serving different types of industries.

Domestic Delivery

Our approach offers clients the benefit of a Maximo dedicated support team composed of United States based procurement and maintenance Maximo certified analysts, DBAs, infrastructure experts, and a 24X7 help desk


Support is delivered remotely from our Gorham, Maine or Hankins, New York offices providing: experience, savings, scalability and the benefits of a dedicated team with all necessary expertise at hand to properly support Maximo’s important business functionalities.

Currently, SMS provides remote support for more than 1000 users throughout North America and Europe. We offer our customers the benefits of SMS’ extensive and Industry leading Maximo expertise, experience and position as a leader in the implementation of EAM and ERP systems.

Maximo support services will be tailored to each of our customer’s specific needs and can cover all aspects important to Maximo performance and availability.

[+] System Administrator Services

Operational support for various elements such as application security (users, groups, distribution list, etc.), management of process queues, and management of the physical database.

[+] Advanced Application Support

Support of Maximo Calibration, Maximo Workflow, Maximo Mobility Support (most vendors supported).

[+] Interface Management

Monitoring of interface and batch transfers (daily, weekly and monthly). Including B2B and ERP integration.

[+] Compliance Management


[+] Ad-Hoc Training

Through our unique support delivery model, end users can request assistance for functional challenges or refresher training, giving them confidence in their skills and improving the overall user experience.

[+] Change Management

Managing change is one of the primary challenges faced by all organizations, and paramount to achieving success with your EAM program. Users can leverage the expertise of our eVailable staff to assist with application change management activities.  Whether requesting master data changes or maintaining system design documentation, you can rely on eVailable for reliable and accurate MOC (Management of Change) services.

[+] Value Added Service

  • Beginning and end month reporting
  • Relation with procurement and maintenance
  • Database migration
  • Environment management:
    • Test
    • Development
    • Training
    • Pre-production

SLA design

Here is a sampling of EAM help desk ticket types that can be included in a custom SLA (Service Level Agreement), up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.