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Maximo Calibration

Your existing calibration management solution may be successful in its current state, but upgrading to Maximo Calibration will give you more functionality and benefits. To plan your Maximo Calibration upgrade, you’ll need a strategy – one that mitigates risks, takes your business drivers into account, sets priorities, and seeks ways to maximize your return on investment. A carefully developed plan will help you to stay on course and to drive more value from Maximo Calibration sooner.

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) provides the guidance to help you produce your Maximo Calibration plan. SMS can help you develop a plan that will reduce risk and keep your project on track. Through SMS-led collaborative sessions, members of your core team and key end-users will establish an outline of the project scope, analyze risks and plan a successful project. We can help you to develop a solution that will lay the foundation for the tactical upgrade and ensure that your plans are in line with management priorities.

SMS has extensive experience with Maximo Calibration and understands the challenges of such projects. Moreover, we understand that no two projects are identical. SMS can help you to develop a comprehensive strategy – one that meets your particular needs. SMS has helped companies to:

  • Summarize business drivers and objectives and develop strategic goals and realistic expectations for their projects.
  • Establish plans that outline project scope, priorities, assumptions, constraints, gaps, and resource requirements.
  • Demonstrate strong executive sponsorship and define project roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify and mitigate risks associated with their specific upgrade.
  • Identify new functionality to generate greater value.
  • Compress the time required to plan for the upgrade.

A Collaborative Approach

SMS’ collaborative approach helps develop a shared understanding of the project’s goals, objectives, and expectations. Our highly-focused sessions provide the framework to help you and your project team examine the components of your Maximo Calibration upgrade.

Your operation will be affected by the outcome of your Maximo Calibration upgrade. In fact, your success may even depend on it. Take advantage of our experience and deep product knowledge.

To learn more about how Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. can help you plan for a successful Maximo Calibration upgrade, contact us today.