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EAM Implementation (Asset Management)

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) has extensive experience successfully partnering with our clients to improve existing or deploy new innovative Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) methodologies and applications.

EAM Selection

The selection of an appropriate asset management system is the first step in any implementation. Strategic Maintenance Solutions assists in this process by providing educated guidance to our clients. We have experience working with all of the major EAM/ERP applications used in virtually every existing market. Combining this experience with the needs, expectations, and budgets of our clients; and using tools that allow for unbiased evaluation, allows us to make informed recommendations on the system that would best meet those requirements.

Implementation Services

SMS can provide the entire range of services required to successfully implement an asset management system. Dependent upon the specific needs of our clients, these services may include:

Data Building Strategy

This is one of the most critical facets of the implementation process. Decisions made during this process affect every aspect of the usability of the implemented system. This session gives the client the opportunity to evaluate the various choices available for the setup of the final data to be loaded into the EAM system. Our consultants will help guide the client on decisions that make the best use of the capabilities of the selected software package.

Equipment/Location Hierarchy Development

The setup of the hierarchies determine how a facility’s assets are located in the EAM as well as how cost roll-ups will occur. SMS combines the experience of our consultants and engineers with client input to produce a final product, which will meet all client needs. This approach has proved successful in reducing the end user learning curve.

Workflow Development

Identifying best business practice workflow procedures will allow for the best possible use of the system being implemented. An example of this is identifying the way a work request, which may become a work order, flows through the system. SMS considers the abilities of the selected software and the requirements of the client to achieve asset management effectiveness.

Plant Walk-Down Data Collection and Verification

Many sites have a need for complete asset walk-down or asset verification. This process involves our engineers and technicians physically verifying the location, service and technical information for all assets. This process can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming for a client to undertake internally. SMS utilizes processes and tools which maximize efficiency, productivity, accuracy and consistency of the walk-down. Our approach greatly reduces the time and expense. If the client has an up-to-date database or paper system, they may not require a complete walk-down. At such sites, we generally recommend spot checking the existing system to verify data integrity.

Asset Data Research

At some sites, not all equipment is accessible for physical walk-down. In these cases, file research is the only means of verifying data to be loaded into the EAM system. For some clients, data research (file research) allows the asset records to contain more information, which can be valuable when performing maintenance or replacing assets.

Data Configuration and Loading

All collected data will be configured and loaded into the selected EAM system. Our engineers have vast experience with the data structures and configurations of the various EAM systems. It is imperative that the data is loaded correctly into the final system to allow for its successful use. Our experience allows for a streamlined process, resulting in the quick integration into the selected software. This ensures the highest accuracy and efficiency.

System Configuration

Every EAM system has a multitude of settings and configurations that must be setup. Examples include selection of possible work order statuses, population of lookup lists, and the use of customized fields. SMS can provide guidance to each client on making the best decisions for each circumstance.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Program Development

Our services can include the creation and scheduling of preventive maintenance procedures. SMS’s approach to developing a preventive maintenance (PM) program is dependent on the careful selection of equipment to be involved. Thorough review of equipment failure modes and critical process layout allows our engineers to determine high priority equipment that would be best served by a competent preventive maintenance program. Predictive maintenance (PdM) development can include creation of vibration and infrared programs, including identification of affected equipment, creation of routes, and loading of software. Many EAM’s being developed today allow for the integration of real time process data points. Work orders can now be initiated by changes in temperature, pressure, or even based on a piece of equipment’s hour meter.

Spare Parts Program Development

Important to any successful EAM implementation is the creation of accurate spare parts lists for equipment. After thorough analyses of manufacturer’s recommended spare parts lists, actual historical usage, and on-site maintenance personnel interviews, our engineers develop concise recommended spare parts lists for each piece of equipment. Once the parts lists are complete, they are loaded into the selected asset management system. These lists will enable the maintenance worker and planner to easily find the needed parts and determine current availability. This greatly streamlines the work process.

System Training

Before the new system reaches “Go-Live”, it is important for the users to have a thorough understanding of how it will affect their everyday work. Our training programs are custom made to follow the specific user group’s workflow. From logging into the system, to requesting work, to running reports, every aspect of each user group’s responsibility is identified and taught. Our process involves both classroom training and on-the-job training for the end-user. The actual data that they will be exposed to in the production system is loaded onto a testing server. This provides a “sandbox” where users can get comfortable with their new system. Our approach increases the employee’s retention and supports a higher level of user buy-in when the system is fully implemented.

EAM Enhancement

Many sites are not fully utilizing the capabilities of an existing system. In these cases, a full implementation may not be the right choice. SMS can analyze the effectiveness of an existing system, and provide options to enhance it. Some of these options may include modified workflow development, data cleansing and reconfiguring, retraining, or any combination of the tasks performed during the course of a full implementation. In these cases, the existing system is preserved while making changes and enhancements to only those areas needing attention.

Report Development and Modifications

There are often instances of an EAM that has been implemented, but the users are not able to utilize the information being gathered. Our trained report developers can assist in the creation of new performance indicators. These indicators track everything from system utilization to production line expenses for a given period of time. SMS can also assist in the enhancement of existing reports to better meet the needs of each company.