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Many of Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) clients’ success depends directly on the EAM support our consultants provide on a daily basis. With the on-site service, Strategic Technical Solutions (STS), we provide a framework of support giving our clients the ability to allocate their resources more efficiently.

STS provides on-site client support for EAM systems allowing consistent delivery of support and expertise, often replacing or supplementing client overhead resources.

The STS onsite team organizes to improve the management of maintenance business processes and day-to-day delivery, with a focus on specific improvement areas such as: Asset Management, Failure Reporting, Preventive Maintenance, Work Order Processing, Reports and Queries. STS is uniquely qualified to support maintenance execution and partners with clients to provide a number of operational services from day-to-day support, training and execution of core maintenance systems to supporting client business objectives.

The STS solution delivers a strategic approach, a tactically efficient focus, minimized resource expenses (local delivery capability) and resources experienced with client environment and culture. STS provides the best, most cost-effective enterprise-wide support required by clients for the care of EAM systems and client business objectives.

The experienced STS team has the full support and depth of Strategic Maintenance Solutions’ consultants allowing for broad business and technical support within all aspects of any EAM system.