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Technical Staffing

Strategic Technical Solutions (STS)  provides a framework for support, giving our clients the ability to allocate their resources more efficiently. STS is uniquely qualified to support maintenance execution. We partner with clients to provide a number of operational services from day-to-day support, training, and execution of core maintenance systems to supporting client business objectives. 


On-site EAM support to improve maintenance business processes

Allocate resources efficiently by often replacing or supplementing client overhead resources

A cost-effective solution that minimizes resource expenses and aligns with client environment

STS team's experience is backed by Strategic Maintenance Solutions' consultants


Why SMS Technical Staffing

​STS provides the best, most cost effective enterprise-wide support required by clients for the care of EAM systems and client business objectives.

STS delivers a strategic approach, a tactically efficient focus, minimized resource expenses (local delivery capability) and resources experienced with client environment and culture.

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Focus Areas

Asset Management 

STS offers comprehensive asset management solutions to assist clients in efficiently managing their assets. By leveraging our expertise in maintenance execution, we help clients track and manage their assets, optimize maintenance programs, and increase the lifespan of their equipment.

Failure Reporting

STS's failure reporting solutions enable clients to proactively identify potential failures and mitigate them before they cause significant damage or downtime. Our experts work with clients to develop customized failure reporting strategies that improve maintenance planning and reduce unexpected equipment failures.

Preventative Maintenance

STS specializes in preventive maintenance solutions that help clients reduce the risk of equipment failure and extend the life of their assets. Our experts collaborate with clients to develop and implement preventive maintenance plans that incorporate industry best practices and customized strategies to address specific client needs.

Work Order Processing

STS provides end-to-end work order processing services that enable clients to streamline their maintenance operations and optimize resource allocation. Our experts work closely with clients to develop efficient work order processing workflows, from planning and scheduling to execution and closeout, that align with client business objectives and support their overall maintenance strategy.

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