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Maximo Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

MVI (Mobile Artificial Intelligence Vision System) is an all–in–one application that serves as a video and image analysis platform. This application provides data set labeling, model training, and deployment. Maximo Visual Inspection is a fast, easy, and accurate way to implement and scale inspections using AI-powered technology.


Improved quality and consistency of assembly and production.

Increased revenue.

Reduction in expensive rework costs.

Stop defects at the point of installation. 



Upload a dataset to the dashboard through web browser drag and drop.


A point and click labeling process. Images are augmented to enhance accuracy and labels are automatically generated on images for retraining. 


Customize your inspection methods to meet specific requirements. MVI's advanced settings provide hyperparameter optimization and guided model options to support advanced used cases. 


Validate the custom models with information, customize solutions with MVI deployment options, and communicate these with MVI Mobile. 



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