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IBM Envizi ESG Suite is SaaS that simplifies the capture, consolidation, management and analysis of sustainability data. Envizi removes the challenges and complexity of ESG data collection, analysis and reporting so you can harness the power of data to fast-track your success. 


Scope 1, 2 GHG Accounting & Reporting

Remove the work from calculating complex Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Scope 3 GHG Accounting & Reporting

Calculate Scope 3 emissions using GHG Protocol methods.

Target Setting & Tracking

Set and track your carbon-reduction targets to speed decarbonization.

ESG Reporting Frameworks

Simplify ESG reporting across major frameworks with one data set. 

Building Ratings & Benchmarks

View building footprint performance and send data directly to frameworks.

Value Chain Surveys & Assessments

Capture ESG data from third parties without error-prone email or spreadsheet solutions. 

Utility Bill Analytics

Analyze utility data and report on cost, consumption, and benchmark performance. 

Interval Meter Analytics

Automate the capture and analysis of high-resolution meter data to drive energy efficiency.

Sustainability Program Tracking

Track and manage ESG and sustainability initiatives to streamline program outcomes. 


About IBM Envizi

  1. Build a data foundation - A single system of record that delivers auditable, robust ESG data and GHG calculations.

  2. Streamline reporting and disclosure - Flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external requirements for comprehensive ESG reporting and disclosure.

  3. Accelerate decarbonization - Analytical tools identifying opportunities to reach low carbon goals and track performance against commitments. 

Consolidated data to streamline ESG reporting and identity efficiency opportunities.

Collect 500+ data types from sources including energy retailors and sensors.

Save time with automated data collection and calculations.

Cost saving efficiencies in the process of reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions.


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