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6IX (Smart Industrial Transformation)

​SMS’s 6IX Solution (Smart Industrial Transformation) contains 6 core components including, Sensors, Gateways, Monitoring, Alerts, Analytics, and Cloud. The combination of hardware, software, and service components have been tested and validated to meet almost all of our client’s needs. 6IX is delivered as industry or equipment solutions, such as 6IX for Robotic Arms, CNC Machining, Buildings, and Agriculture. These pre-built 6IX solutions allow us to onboard clients quickly and efficiently, delivering a true time-to-value solution.

​Reduced downtime and increased equipment reliability

​Enhanced visibility and control over assets

​Increased operational profitability

​Enhanced data-driven insights and analytics

Industrial transformation for machinery

6IX for CNC Machining 

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a robotic arm

6IX for Robot Signature Analysis

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irrigation and agricultural machinery

6IX for Agriculture

hvac equipment


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energy control and management

6IX for Energy Management

industrial transformation for leak detection

6IX for Leak Detection

industrial transformation for electric motors

6IX for Electric Motors

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convenience store and gas station

6IX for C-Stores


We have developed a number 6IX Solutions for Industry specific use cases. These solution's are built on the Splunk platform and have the ability to expand beyond their specific use cases to meet Enterprise wide Operations and Maintenance challenges.

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6IX Powered by Splunk

​SMS Splunk App for IBM Maximo

​SMS Splunk App for HxGN (Infor EAM/D7i)

SMS Splunk App for SAP Plant Maintenance 

Splunk Edge Hub

6IX Features

1. Sensors

​Sensors provide real-time monitoring and measurement of physical conditions, allowing organizations to detect and respond to potential problems.

2. Gateways

​Gateways are used to securely collect data from sensors and transmit it to the cloud.

3. Monitoring

Condition monitoring provides the ability to detect and monitor changes in physical conditions, allowing organizations to respond quickly to changes.

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4. Alerts

Alerts provide real-time notifications to alert stakeholders of potential problems.

5. Analytics

​Advanced analytics provide the ability to gain insights from data and make better decisions.

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6. Cloud

Cloud technology is used to store, process, and analyze data, enabling organizations to access their data anytime, anywhere. 

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The optional 6IX+ offering integrates with Enterprise Asset Management systems like Maximo, InforEAM, or SAP PM to allow for automated work order or work order notifications.

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​Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) is a trusted advisor and global leader in the deployment, implementation, and optimization of EAM, IoT, and Data Analytics Platforms. SMS understands the industrial and manufacturing  markets with 24+ years of industry experience. SMS brings forward a combined service, software, and hardware solution that is unique and built on years of experience in understand various equipment, assets, and industries.

SMS’s 6IX Services and Solutions are designed to meet your organization’s Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation initiatives. We evaluate your business from the bottom up to deliver a comprehensive solution based on the concepts of Asset Performance Management (APM), Reliability, and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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