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MaxAdopt, our Digital Adoption solution, helps customers maximize their investment in enterprise applications and provides their end users with intuitive guidance within their applications. The availability of on screen guides, helpful hints, and data validations, ensures the users have everything they need to execute business processes, without requiring them to navigate out of the application or reference stale and outdated training material. MaxAdopt, enables our customers to work within application efficiently so they can spend more time on value-added activities.



Step by step guide of business processes within the application.


Provides contextual information on fields, tabs, applications, etc. 


Verifications of data within the application.


Customized pop-ups to announce new features or information.


On screen buttons to launch workflows, helpful videos, URL's, etc.


Define expected patterns when performing actions within an application. Analytics engine and dashboards provide insight into bottlenecks, workflow opportunities, business process pain points, etc. 

Gain ability to use tools.

Greater understanding of digital resources.

Drive innovation and optimize processes.


80% savings in software support, training, and maintenance costs.

300% faster adoption software.

40% increase in employee performance and satisfaction


MaxAdopt Datasheet

MaxAdopt Video 

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