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Strategic Maintenance Solutions offers a wide selection of reliability and consulting services to enhance and improve facility assets.

Enhance your existing PM program and improve asset reliability

Evaluate asset criticality and focus efforts on high-return investments

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to eliminate the cause of failures

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) training to develop maintenance strategies 


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PM Optimization


Evaluate your existing Predictive Maintenance (PM) program to enhance and improve the reliability of your assets.

Planning & Maintenance Improvement

Our planners and schedules use  EAM/ERP as a tool to increase maintenance streamlining capabilities.

Plant Assessment


Assess both one-time and annual cost savings to direct efforts to the greatest potential return on investment.

Root Cause Analysis


Our program provides training on solution implementation, verification, and continued management to improve reliability.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

SMS trains clients to identify assets in question, perform the RCM analysis, and implement as well as maintain findings.

Availability Simulation Services

Training that enables reliability engineers understanding of the impact of system design changes and maintenance program changes for highly effective planning.

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