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Cloud Services

As an IBM Maximo Platinum Business Partner and an IBM Maximo Application Solution Provider, we bring our unparalleled cloud-hosting capabilities to IBM Maximo’s services. This combination creates an EAM that’s stable, simple, and strong.

World-class application performance & security

Low start-up investment

Short “time-to-value”

No local system infrastructure requirements


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Cloud Services 

Access To

Supporting Services 

With our eMaximo solution, customers have access to a range of additional SMS services to help optimize and enhance their EAM platform. This includes consultation, training, and ongoing support.

Maximo Upgrade


We guarantee that our eMaximo solution will always be up to date with the latest Maximo upgrades, ensuring that our customers can take advantage of the latest features and functionality without any additional costs.

Low Start Up Investment 

Our cloud-hosted eMaximo solution requires minimal investment in terms of hardware, software, and infrastructure, making it an affordable solution for small to mid-size businesses.

Short "Time-To-Value"

With our eMaximo solution, customers can expect a short time-to-value, as our cloud-hosted platform is quick to implement and provides immediate benefits to your business.

No Local Infrastructure Requirement

Our cloud-hosted eMaximo solution requires no local infrastructure, meaning that our customers can save on hardware and software costs and eliminate the need for local IT staff.

Application Autonomy & Control

Our eMaximo solution provides customers with full autonomy and control over their EAM platform, giving them the flexibility to customize and optimize their solution to meet their specific business needs.

Reduced Internal Staffing

With our cloud-hosted eMaximo solution, customers can reduce their internal staffing requirements as our team of experts takes care of maintenance and upgrades.

Available Help

Desk Support

Our eMaximo solution provides customers with access to our help desk support team, ensuring that any issues are quickly resolved, and that our customers receive the support they need to get the most out of their EAM platform.

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