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YouBIM is software available both On-Cloud and On-Prem that gives users a database with immediate access to asset data and information using a 2D/3D – Building Information Modeling (BIM) interface. This software increases the value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) through the Buildings Lifecycle. 


Spatial Awareness

Identify the location of the asset and understand the conditions, tools, or special permits required before arriving on site. 

Safety and Training

Locate critical components for LOTO procedures and train resources virtually on equipment location and relationships. 

View Asset


Easily recognize work orders and permits. Utilize API's to see equipment runtime parameters and asset health overlaying the model. 

2D/3D Layers

of Information

Powerful visuals that allow the user to identify equipment, valves, and instruments as well as its surroundings. 

Powerful Search Engine

Faster search queries through systems, subsystems, assets, attributes, types, and rooms. 

Flexible Integrations

In addition to the already pre-configured API’s, easily integrate with other external systems to visualize data of your choice in the 3D or 2D model space. 

Access To Asset Info 

Retrieve asset information, attributes, or attached documents to support advanced use cases. 


Choose license, solution package, and type of application support that best fits your budget and supports your users. 

Our 3D capture services provide you with a powerful resource to improve operations, maintenance and enhance training by providing a virtual environment of your industrial space. Learn More


Reduction in equipment failures.

Improved management and tracking of inventory parts and equipment.  

Improved workforce efficiency. 

Increase in maintenance data to support operational efficiency.


YouBIM Datasheet 

YouBIM Video 

Visit YouBIM Website 

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